Matt Clark, Real Estate Advisor

Two worlds collided for Matt.  With his 20 year work history experience in the commercial interiors side of business and his passion for creative residential real estate development.  From a business perspective, Matt has extensive construction, architecture & design and project management experience.  He has worked in multiple departments including; sales, finance, supply chain and international.  Recently, he lead corporate strategy for a company and spearheaded a $50 million revenue growth over a period for four years.  Personally, Matt and his family have been actively investing in real estate development in Colorado for four years. 

Matt was working in Los Angeles when his family grew from two people to four.  With this change Matt and his wife looked at their Los Angeles 3+ hour daily commute and identified Colorado as an ideal place to grow roots and raise a family.  They packed up the two kids and two dogs and headed toward the mountains and never looked back.

As a Thrive Real Estate Advisor , Matt has put his business experience to work by helping people create a personalized real estate strategy with an aim to generate wealth.  Whether that is a single-family home or group of investment properties, Matt is a tenured Advisor.  With his ability to contextualize market data and negotiate complex transactions, Matt is a strong Client advocate.  

Matt grew up in Michigan and received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Lehigh University.   In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoor lifestyle that Colorado offers.  You can find him wrestling with his two young boys in the backyard or riding bikes through the streets of Park Hill.     

Favorite Quote

The more I see the less I know  (Red Hot Chili Peppers)